Nutritional Evaluation


At Desert Valley Pediatrics, we understand the importance of nutrition for children and offer comprehensive nutritional evaluations for our patients. Our evaluations include an assessment of your child’s current dietary habits, nutrition knowledge, and lifestyle. We are committed to helping your child meet their daily nutritional needs and establishing healthy eating habits.


A nutritional evaluation of your child can detect common issues with their diet such as anemia (iron deficiency), chronic constipation, and feeding problems. Furthermore, it can also examine the dietary needs of children with health conditions like metabolic disorders, cystic fibrosis, and diabetes, which need special nutrition to ensure their health is optimized.

Additionally, the evaluation is used to evaluate your child’s weight and determine if their diet is too high in calories.


Question: How is a child’s nutritional status evaluated?

Answer: A child’s nutritional status is evaluated by looking at indicators such as their height, weight, and BMI. Nutritional assessments also look at the child’s dietary habits, food preferences, and nutrient levels. Health indicators such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels are also taken into consideration.

Question: What are the benefits of a nutritional evaluation for children?

Answer: Nutritional evaluations for children can help identify any nutritional deficiencies or imbalances that may be affecting their health and development. It can also help to identify any potential medical conditions that may require attention. The evaluation can be used to develop nutrition plans and dietary recommendations tailored to the needs of the individual child. It can also be used to monitor a child’s progress over time and make adjustments to their nutrition plan, if necessary.

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